Spruce Floor

From the late 19th century floor planks are sawed and planed by machines and the width of the floor boards is normally of the same size for a whole floor. From this time narrower floor planks were used, often between 100-140 mm. The floors were attached with concealed slant nailing in the tongue. In the lavish buildings they often put long floor planks without end joints and framed the room with a slightly wider frame. Also common during this time was to have the wood floors as a subfloor to a linoleum carpet, which became popular from the late 1800s. This meant that the floorboards became even narrower (about 80 mm) and also that the boards were length-jointed. Pine floors contained twig and marrow elements, resulting in floors with character and life. We only sell genuine floors of northern pine and spruce. We offer two different moisture contents - 16% or 8%. All our pine floors have side feathers/tongues but not all have end feathers/tongues. 

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